Joint Internship

Our joint internship (PGY-1 year) is with the internal medicine residency program at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. The joint internship is required of all interns in accordance with the ACGME ophthalmology program requirements. A joint program means that the internship is managed by the internal medicine residency program, not by the ophthalmology program, but we work together to ensure you receive the best education. This requires a separate match for the internship.

This internship includes a total of three months of ophthalmology rotations, as required by the ACGME. Interns will have two months of ophthalmology rotations, ophthalmology buddy call and an ophthalmology continuity clinic one half day per week. In total, this adds up to three months of ophthalmology, but allows for continuity of learning throughout the year.

Interns will have two months of night float, one month of ICU, and six months of internal medicine including some electives. Interns on the ophthalmology service will be expected to learn how to use our EMR, how to check vision, pressure, refraction, and all technical components of an eye exam.  They will be given lessons on all of these aspects of the ophthalmology exam in addition to instruction on how to refract, and how to begin using ophthalmology diagnostic equipment.

The interview for the internship will occur after the SF Match with a video interview with the internal medicine residency program director. If you match with the Krieger Eye Institute/Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Ophthalmology Residency Program, you are required to register with ERAS and to select the Sinai Hospital Internal Medicine Internship in the National Resident Matching Program.