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History of Sinai

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Launched in 2019, the Our Story; Our Journey project was established to:

  1. Celebrate and recognize Sinai Hospital's success and contributions in medicine.
  2. Support "The Fund for the Future of Medicine" and other applicable Sinai Programs and projects.
  3. Preserve and promote Sinai Hospital's rich history through a professional Archive website tracing from Sinai's founding in 1866 and Sinai's future.
  4. Engage former and current Sinai physicians who trained, practiced medicine and/or were faculty physicians
  5. Outreach to the community both locally and nationally of families and individuals born at Sinai, including community members at large who are not engaged at Sinai.
  6. Promote and ensure that Sinai, as Maryland's largest community teaching hospital, will endure for future generations.

The Fund for the Future of Medicine:

Philanthropy raised through the Our Story; Our Journey project will support graduate medical education opportunities, including medical research and medical innovation as part of Sinai's Graduate Medical Education (GME) Program.

The fund will be managed by the Sinai Vice President of Graduate Medical Education and the Sinai Director of Medical Education. If neither of these two people are a member of the Sinai Medical Staff, then the Vice President of Graduate Medical Education will appoint a physician to be involved with the fund managment.

The Our Story; Our Journey Sinai Archive Website:

Established as an addition to the Eisenberg Library at Sinai Hospital, the archive will secure Sinai's history for generations and promote it's numerous accomplishments through one cohesive digital site comprised of medical and news article, photographs and memorabilia. The archive will also be utilized to educate the community and future physicians.

Information for Giving:

Gifts may be made by check, gifts of stock, or allocations from private foundations or donor advised funds. Checks from individuals, corporations, donor advised funds, or foundations should be made payable to "Sinai Hospital of Baltimore" (TIM 52-0486540). Please reference "Fund for the Future of Medicine" in the memo line or cover letter. For gifts of stock or other property, contact the LifeBridge Health Depeartment of Development at 410-601-4438.

To make a gift online in support of the Fund for the Future of Medicine, please CLICK HERE