Patient Support and Education Programs

Lee Brady with External Fixator Class Materials

Nurses and other qualified professionals help educate patients in preparation for surgery and after-care through one-on-one sessions and group presentations depending on patients’ needs. Nurses, physician assistants and other qualified professionals are available by phone and email to provide additional patient support when needed.

Adult patients also benefit from Health Loop, an online service that helps check in with patients and let them know where they should be in the recovery process after surgery. In addition to helping to monitor and guide patients’ follow-up care, Health Loop provides patients with opportunities to raise concerns and questions that may come up during recovery.

International Center for Limb Lengthening pediatric patients and their families also receive support from a pediatric liaison who can help families cope with the psychosocial needs of children undergoing treatment. A nurse also facilitates online chats with some of the doctors and a Facebook group designed to provide support to families with children undergoing treatment.