We've Grown! Expansion and Renovation at Northwest Hospital

Northwest Hospital's Renaissance

If you have not been to Northwest Hospital in a while, you may be amazed by its new look the next time you visit. Northwest recently experienced major growth, encompassing renovation and/or additions to nearly every area of the hospital. The $100 million project was funded by the hospital's parent company, LifeBridge Health, and a capital campaign called the Renaissance Campaign that raised over $7 million.

Here are some of the new construction highlights:

Front Entrance and Canopy

In late 2008, work was completed on the main entrance of the hospital. Exterior improvements included the installation of a new drive-under canopy and landscaping and streetscaping. Interior upgrades were made to the main information desk, flooring and wall furnishings, and new furniture was added.

Outpatient Registration

Outpatient Registration Area
Completed in the fall of 2008, renovation has resulted in six outpatient registration stations, a waiting area to seat 65 patients and family members, a greeter's desk, and a registration workroom. Additionally, a phlebotomy room, three financial counselors' offices, administrative offices, patient/visitor restrooms and staff lounge and restrooms were included in this project. The renovated area includes over 7,100 square feet of space.

Herman & Walter Samuelson Breast Care Center

Known for its compassionate care and multidisciplinary approach, the Herman & Walter Samuelson Breast Care Center is a crown jewel of the hospital. It recently became the first breast center in the area to offer its patients digital mammography, the most advanced technology available to detect breast cancer. Patients rave about the care they receive in the center and rate it highly for customer service. In June 2009, the Samuelson Breast Care Center opened in its new, spa-like space near the main entrance of the hospital and appointed a breast surgeon to be its new medical director.

Women's Wellness Center

In spring 2010 a Women's Wellness Center opened on the 4th floor. Led by a female, board-certified gynecologist, the center adopts a holistic philosophy towards women's health. Women can be seen at the center for complete physicals and annual GYN exams, and they can take advantage of special amenities programs offered at the center such meeting with a health coach to develop a personalized, comprehensive wellness plan.

Vertical Tower Expansion

The second floor of the tower expansion was opened in May 2007 and includes a 16-bed state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and a Respiratory Therapy Unit. The new ICU provides spacious patient rooms to better accommodate leading-edge equipment, medical care staff and visitors. Patients admitted to the ICU are under the care of Intensivists, physicians board-certified in critical care medicine, and a multidisciplinary team of nurses, respiratory therapists and others specially trained in critical care medicine.

The tower expansion also involved the addition of a third and fourth floor, which opened in 2008 and consist of 16,422 square feet on each floor. The third floor includes a Sleep Center where sleep studies are performed, an Outpatient Rehabilitation area providing physical therapy, and a Hospice Unit run by Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care to provide end-of-life care. The fourth floor houses a series of private offices and an outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation center for LifeBridge Health's Phase II cardiac rehab patients.

Hospice Unit Room
Hospice Unit Room
Sleep Center Room
Sleep Lab Room
Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
Outpatient Rehabilitation Program
Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Infusion and Cancer Therapy Center

In 2006, the hospital moved its infusion and chemotherapy services to a new space located near the Outpatient Center and closer to other patient support services. This move to a larger space was necessitated by a demand for services that grew rapidly following the program's affiliation with LifeBridge Health's Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute in 2004.

HBOT/Wound Care Renovation and Expansion

Over a decade ago, the hospital started one of Baltimore's first fully dedicated wound care programs. Patients who have open wounds that are difficult to heal, have the potential for infection and cause them unnecessary pain are treated in the center. The latest therapy in the treatment of these wounds is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). This program has grown tremendously over the past few years, and the relocation and expansion of the existing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Suite and renovation of the existing Wound Care area was completed in January 2008.

Surgical Services and SurgiCenter

In early 2010, the hospital's surgical services areas underwent an expansion to create more privacy in waiting and recovery areas, providing the type of healing environment our patients and their families deserve. In April 2010, the SurgiCenter opened in the Northwest Professional Center across the street on Carlson Lane. The SurgiCenter serves same-day surgery patients. These expansions have allowed Northwest Hospital to keep up with the increased demand for surgical resources.


Inpatient Room Renovations

Inpatient units on levels three and four of the main hospital have received enhancements. New flooring, furniture, flat panel TVs and exterior finishes give each of these areas, including private patient rooms and bathrooms, a luxurious feel.

Immediate Care Unit

An Immediate Care Unit (IMC) located within the main hospital on the second floor was completed in fall 2008. The IMC includes 12 private patient rooms, treatment rooms and support areas.

Cardiology Suite

Completed in the fall of 2008, the 3,823 square-foot building addition was constructed on the north side of the hospital, between the existing Infusion and Cancer Therapy Unit and the Imaging suites. The new area includes cardiac stress rooms, EEG/EKG rooms with support areas, offices and patient waiting areas.

Dialysis Unit

The new area includes the build-out and expansion of a six-bay inpatient unit for dialysis treatment. Work was completed on the unit in fall 2008.


Available for business February 2008, demolition and renovation occurred to house a new laboratory and associated administrative space totaling approximately 4,880 square feet.


Completed in December 2007, work on the existing 2,667 square foot Pharmacy area included relocation of the existing pneumatic tube station as well as renovation of employee work stations and support areas. New equipment included the addition of MedCarousel®, an automated storage and retrieval system that streamlines medication dispensing. Northwest is one of the first hospitals in Maryland to install this state-of-the-art system.


The Ultrasound Suite was relocated to the former CT Suite on the first level of the main hospital. This renovated area includes an additional 2,686 square feet that houses an expanded patient waiting area, three ultrasound rooms, support areas, corridor upgrades, and restrooms. The new ultrasound area was completed in October 2007.

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