Research and Clinical Trials

The mission of the Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute at LifeBridge Health is to provide patients with access to advanced treatment options for a wide range of cancers, in the community setting. Clinical trials and case studies help us develop new treatment methods to help patients in need.

We conduct clinical trials for prevention and treatment of various cancers, including breast, lung, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, melanoma and hematologic diseases. We also participate in supportive care studies for treatment of conditions associated with cancer and cancer treatments, such as anemia, mucositis and cachexia, that greatly affect a patient’s quality of life.

Clinical trials offered at the Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute are sponsored by various pharmaceutical companies and national institutions, such as the National Cancer Institute, or initiated by LifeBridge Health physicians.

The Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute works in close collaboration with other departments of LifeBridge Health, and our investigative team includes renowned experts in hematology and medical oncology, gynecologic oncology, surgical oncology, orthopedic oncology and radiation oncology. Dedicated clinical research staff provide investigators with the resources they need to conduct clinical research.

To learn more about our current research and clinical trials, please call 410-601-6120.