Rapid Evaluation Unit

The Rapid Evaluation Unit (REU) is a new, innovative program available at Northwest Hospital’s ER-7  designed to reduce emergency room waiting times for patients.

Staffed by health care providers--either a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner—patients are quickly screened and directed to the most appropriate care center upon arrival to the emergency department. 

What happens in the REU?

The following occurs when patients arrive at Northwest ER-7 and are seen through the REU.The Rapid Evaluation Unit (REU) at Northwest Hospital

  • Upon arrival, patients are registered and vital signs are recorded by an ED technician.
  • Patients are directed to the appropriate health care provider. This could be a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or physician, who will perform the initial patient assessment.
  • A decision is made by the health care provider as to what the patient needs, based on the severity of the illness or injury. This may include discharge to home, the need for further tests and evaluation, or a referral to a specialist.

The registration process will occur at the patient’s bedside or after treatment, depending upon the diagnosed condition.

If a patient has been treated and registration has not been completed, we ask that our patients visit the registration desk once they are discharged.

How you and your loved ones can help us.

Please do not remove the patient information wristband. It helps the health care provider to easily identify each patient and provides the caregiver with important information about each patient.

Family members are asked to remain in the waiting area, except when accompanying a child.

If at any time you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to ask your caregiver.