Intensivist Program at Northwest Hospital

Intensivist Program at Northwest Hospital The Intensivist Program at Northwest Hospital provides care for patients who are being treated in the Intensive Care Unit.

Physicians, all board certified in critical care medicine, are onsite for 12-hour shifts each day, and on-call overnight, to provide a very high level of postoperative and intensive care to patients. During the 12-hour overnight shift, physicians experienced in critical care medicine or mid-level providers specially trained in these areas are physically on site, with immediate support provided by the on-call intensivist. The intensivist has access to real-time patient data even when off site.

National statistics show that patients in hospitals with an intensivist program have improved outcomes and shorter hospital stays. With an increasing number of treatment options available, managing critically ill patients is a complex process. Intensivists are an added resource for physicians.

Northwest Hospital's intensivists are a key component to critical care. They provide leadership to the members of the critical care team while treating patients with continuous and consistent care.

Intensivists provide continuous clinical assessment and are able to address subtle changes to a patient’s clinical conditions early. If clinical problems do occur, a Northwest Hospital intensivist is immediately available to intervene.


  • Coordinate the patient’s overall care provided by a multidisciplinary team of nurses, specialists and others.
  • Address subtle changes in conditions early and proactively.
  • Are available at all times, ensuring a high level of quality care.

Northwest Hospital’s intensivists lead a multidisciplinary team of care-givers on their daily rounds through the Intensive Care Unit. The team covers areas such as medication management; interdisciplinary care plans; and psychological, and social issues. Treatment goals are reviewed each day with ICU staff and family members. The intensivists also work with the patient’s own physicians to achieve these goals, relaying vital information necessary to institute and carry out the treatment plans.

Intensivist Program at Northwest Hospital


Benefits associated with the use of an intensivist:

  • Improved outcomes
  • Reduced ICU length of stay
  • Fewer clinical and procedural complications
  • Reduced costs per case
  • Fewer adverse events
  • Improved patient, family, private physician and staff satisfaction
  • Focus on patient safety
  • Improved morbidity and mortality
  • Decrease in ventilator days and complications
  • Decrease in hospital acquired infection
  • Appropriate placement of patients in the correct level of care

Physician benefits

  • Guaranteed intensivist level of care for critically ill patients available around the clock.
  • Ability to entrust medical care aspects to intensive care specialist for surgical patients.
  • Prompt communication to the physician regarding patient status and course of care at the time of patient’s transition.
  • Opportunity to visit patient and family to provide psychosocial support.