Breast Ultrasound and Breast MRI

Breast Ultrasound and Breast MRIUltrasound procedures utilize sound waves to distinguish the physical makeup of an abnormality detected through mammography or breast examination. The ultrasound is simple, painless and usually completed in less than 30 minutes. Women under 30 years of age with any detected malnormality will usually be scheduled for an ultrasound rather than a mammogram.

For women with an elevated risk for breast cancer, a screening breast MRI is now recommended annually in conjunction with mammography. Those who are considered high-risk include women who carry a BRCA gene mutation, untested women with a first degree relative with a BRCA gene mutation and women with estimated lifetime risk of developing breast cancer greater than 20 to 25 percent.

We offer breast MRI for screening and diagnostic purposes. Our facility has one of the most advanced MRI currently available (3D Tesla Magnet and 16-Channel Breast Coil).