About Our Center

About Our Center

At the Cosmetic Surgery Center, patient care is personalized and confidential. Patients use Northwest Hospital’s surgical facilities and recovery rooms for a variety of medical reasons, so no one will know why you’re there.

Our Staff

The medical experts at the Cosmetic Surgery Center at Northwest Hospital display professional attitudes and compassion. They will be on hand throughout your entire process, from pre-surgical consultations to post−operative recovery. They will help you return to everyday life as smoothly as possible.

A cosmetic surgery liaison sees that a patient’s every question and concern about the procedure – no matter how big or small – are addressed. Each step of the way, the liaison will pay attention to detail so that you receive the quality care you deserve.

Our Facility

Depending on your procedure and your and your surgeon’s preferences, your surgery will take place at the outpatient SurgiCenter at Northwest Hospital or in the operating rooms at the main hospital. In both settings, surgical suites are equipped with leading-edge equipment.

To learn more about the SurgiCenter click here.

Our Care

If you have received local anesthesia, you will most likely go home immediately after your procedure. If you are not feeling well enough to return home after surgery, or if you may not have a caregiver at home to assist you, overnight care is available. Based on your procedure and your surgeon’s recommendation, you can stay in a hospital room for up to 23 hours and still be considered an outpatient.

All patient rooms and baths are private, allowing you to begin recovery in a calm, quiet and confidential atmosphere. Most important, our professional clinical staff can keep their watchful eyes on you overnight.

Before leaving the hospital, you will receive instruction for your postoperative care, to include a list of acceptable medications and daily activities. On the occasion that it is medically necessary, you may be admitted to the hospital. A follow-up phone call is made a day or two after your procedure to check on your progress and to answer any questions that you may have.

For a consultation with a Northwest Hospital plastic surgeon or for more information about the Cosmetic Surgery Center, call 410-601-WELL (9355).