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LifeBridge Health is Committed to LGBTQ+ Healthcare

LifeBridge Health is an LGBTQ-friendly organization in Baltimore, Md. LGBTQ+ healthcare and LGBTQ+ employment are priorities of LifeBridge Health. All are welcome and safe at our facilities – as patients, visitors and employees. LifeBridge Health care staff receives training in caring for LBGTQ patients of all ages and of many different experiences.

LifeBridge Health has strict non-discrimination policies and resources for LGBTQ+ patients who may require additional support prior to their discharge. Additionally, we have an open visitation policy to ensure that loved ones can be together, when being together matters the most.

Sinai and Northwest Hospitals Named Top Performers in LGBTQ+ Healthcare

Sinai and Northwest Hospitals are “LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Top Performers” designated by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC). The designation was awarded in the 15th anniversary edition of the Healthcare Equality Index (HEI).

LGBTQ+ patients face very significant challenges in health care: 56 percent of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people report experiences of serious discrimination, while 70 percent of transgender people report serious discrimination. In response, CMS and The Joint Commission have issued requirements for LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion. The HEI is an annual online survey designed to meet the needs of all health care organizations seeking to provide optimal care to LGBTQ+ patients and to meet CMS and Joint Commission requirements related to this underserved population. The survey rates hospitals and health care facilities on policies and best practices in LGBTQ+ patient-centered care in four key areas: non-discrimination and staff training; patient services and support; employee benefits and policies; and patient and community engagement.

LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group

A resource group for LGBTQ+ employees and their allies. We seek to promote a safe & inclusive environment for everyone to be themselves at work. We are a visible and accessible resource that provides focused networking, educational, and social opportunities for all LifeBridge Health employees. We support efforts to diversify the workplace and work to recruit, retain, and advance LGBTQ+ employees. Interested in joining us?

LifeBridge Health in the Greater Baltimore LGBTQ+ Community

LifeBridge Health proudly supports the LGBTQ+ community through partnership, sponsorship and participation.


LifeBridge Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We take pride in our diverse workplace and offer comprehensive and inclusive benefit plans that provide support for LGBTQ-specific services and every type of family. To view our current job openings, visit lifejobs.org.

LGBTQ+ Patient and Community Resources

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