VSP Website FAQs

What is VSP and how is it connected to LifeBridge Health?

VSP, in existence since 1967, is a Sinai Hospital department that provides vocational and business services to LifeBridge Health and the local community.

How can I access VSP’s vocational services and whom do I contact?

One can access VSP vocational services through referral from one of a variety of sources. Click here to access our Vocational Services Referral process section, including staff contact details. You may click here to send us an email and we will contact you.

Whom does VSP serve through its vocational services?

VSP serves youth and adults in the Baltimore metropolitan area with vocational services in order to overcome barriers and to re-enter the work force. We serve individuals with disabilities and other vocational barriers such as economic disadvantage or marketable vocational soft skills and/or hard skills deficiency. Most individuals served are unemployed for a short or long time period and receive some form of public assistance.

How does VSP assist people?

Through a menu of vocational services including career assessment, training and job placement services, VSP assists individuals to determine a realistic vocational goal, obtain those skills necessary to re-enter the work force and conduct a successful job search, resulting in permanent employment. Click here to see a description of each vocational service.

How are VSP services funded?

VSP services are funded through fee-for-service agreements with public referral sources or through public and private grant funds and contracts.

What kind of employment opportunities are there thru VSP and how do I access them?

VSP employs qualified individuals in full-time and part-time janitorial positions at numerous state and federal contract sites in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Vocational program graduates can access employment opportunities through staff referral and assistance, through our employment hotline (410-358-8200, ext. 4). Applications are only accepted for listed available positions. Applicants are then screened and interviewed as jobs become available.

Where is VSP located and how do I get to there?

VSP headquarters is in Seton Business Park at 5607 Metro Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21215.  Our main phone number is 410-358-8200. Click here for interactive map and directions. Some vocational services are located at this address while others are located within other LifeBridge Health facilities.