Right Care at the Right Time

LifeBridge Health is focused on ensuring that all of our patients receive the right care at the right time.  We are able to do this by providing a uniquely comprehensive system that increases health care access points and promotes the continuity of care.  Not only do we provide health care to our communities through our acute hospitals and an extensive physician network with nearly 200 primary care providers, most of whom provide care in community settings, but we also provide a full spectrum of care through our subacute unit, our chronic hospital, our nursing home, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and two retail pharmacies.  Additionally, our partnerships offer urgent care, home health care, outpatient physical and occupational therapy centers, durable medical equipment, and medical transportation.  LifeBridgeHealth & Fitness center offers medically-based wellness systems and equipment, nutrition counseling and innovative preventive care programs.   In addition, LifeBridge Health has created partnerships with community organizations in order to provide improved linkages to support services.  One example of this type of partnership is the AccessHealth program in our emergency department which provides coordinated social support connections to our most needy patients.

Our position as an integrated health care system fosters greater communication and collaboration between treatment and wellness teams. We are focused on incorporating multi-disciplinary clinical teams to ensure all aspects of the patient’s health, wellness and experience are considered. Finally, by placing a complementary emphasis on technology, we are able to provide highly individualized patient care – in our hospitals and out in our communities.