Preventive and Chronic Care Management

LifeBridge Health is committed to helping patients from all walks of life make strides in achieving and sustaining lasting wellness, and in managing chronic conditions. We have robust outreach programs in diabetes management, heart disease and high-risk pregnancies; we also have an HIV management center and a rapid HIV testing program in our emergency department.  LifeBridge Health is developing chronic care centers staffed with teams of NPs, RNs, dieticians, pharmacists, respiratory therapists and care coordinators to address chronic conditions prevalent in our communities.  These clinics include Diabetes, Chronic Heart Failure and Pulmonary Disease and incorporate behavioral health, social services and care navigators as key members of our chronic care teams in order to empower patients to achieve their health goals.

The HPV vaccine is also one of the standard vaccines provided to pediatric patients ages 11 and older in our community heath center, Greenspring Pediatric Associates, Sinai Community Care. The HPV vaccine prevents certain forms of cervical, throat and other cancers. Click here to read more about the HPV vaccine.

Diabetes clinic