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Baltimore, MD, May 20, 2017– The Joel Gamble Foundation (TJGF) is launching an exciting partnership with LifeBridge Health & Fitness and the Baltimore City Police Department designed to show inner city youth how to improve their athletic performance, their life skills and their self-confidence. The new initiative is part of TJGF’s established Health and Wellness Program, which was created to teach young men how to make healthy choices through exercise, nutrition and health care.

As part of the program, a group of young men will attend the Parisi Speed School at LifeBridge Health & Fitness in Pikesville every Tuesday evening for eight weeks beginning at the end of June. Certified trainers will work with these student athletes for 90 minute sessions on their speed, agility, power and confidence by using a sprinting track, dumbbells, performance treadmills and plyometric boxes.

Additionally, officers from the Baltimore City Police Department will join this group of high school students in their training at the Parisi School, in an effort to build lasting bonds and communication that will continue throughout the school year and beyond.

Healthy meals, served after each workout, will be catered by Debbie’s Cuisine Catering, LLC.

About The Joel Gamble Foundation:

The Joel Gamble Foundation, established in 2014, proudly supports Baltimore youth and is dedicated to educating and preparing student athletes for life on and off the field through athletics, tutoring, mentorship, and free sports leagues and camps. It also provides career opportunities, college tours and community engagement. It hopes to expand to include young women in the future. Joel Gamble is from Baltimore and played for the Cleveland Browns, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tennessee Titans.

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About LifeBridge Health & Fitness

LifeBridge Health & Fitness is an award-winning fitness center centrally located in Pikesville in Baltimore County. It includes state-of-the-art equipment, trained fitness professionals and unique amenities for members of all ages and fitness levels in their journey to a healthy way of life.

The Parisi Speed School is recognized as one of the premier ways for youth athletes to enhance their athletic performance while building up their self-esteem, and LifeBridge Health & Fitness was the first location in the Baltimore area to qualify for its training.

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