Carroll Hospital Receives Donation to Support Emergency Cardiac Treatment in the Emergency Department

Carroll Hospital recently received a donation that allows the hospital to further its life-saving treatment for patients experiencing cardiac arrest.

Longtime hospital supporters Ethan and Deborah Seidel made a gift of $16,000 to the Carroll Hospital Foundation in honor of Chitrachedu Naganna, M.D., who passed away on November 18, 2021, and his wife, Vimala Naganna, M.D. The funds will be used to purchase the LUCAS® Chest Compression System, a life-saving device that will be used in the hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) to treat patients in cardiac arrest.

The LUCAS device delivers efficient and high-quality chest compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), freeing up the medical team to focus on delivering other components of critical care to a patient experiencing cardiac arrest.

“This device will help ensure patients receive the very highest quality chest compressions. When done properly, it significantly improves the chances of a good outcome for patients after CPR,” said Jennifer Kramer, R.N., director of the emergency department and clinical decision unit at Carroll Hospital. “Our team is excited and grateful to the Seidels for helping to fund the purchase of this device. Anything that helps us to be more efficient and timely in delivering patient care is so appreciated,” added Kramer.

In addition to the Seidels being long-standing supporters of Carroll Hospital, Deborah Seidel is also a member of the hospital’s Board of Directors. She said they made this donation as a tribute to the Nagannas for their philanthropic support of the hospital over many years. Dr. Chitrachedu Naganna, a cardiologist, was affiliated with Carroll Hospital for 43 years and served as chief of medicine during his tenure. 

“We wanted to honor the Nagannas for their long-term commitment to Carroll Hospital and for their far-reaching generosity, in particular, to recognize their role in establishing and subsidizing the hospital's cardiology program in its formative years,” said Deborah Seidel.

Brenda Frazier, vice president of development at Carroll Hospital, said the hospital has a long history of receiving community support to further its services and the Nagannas’ past donations as well as the Seidels’ most recent donation will make an enormous difference in continuing the hospital’s mission to provide great care.

“We are truly grateful for the Seidels’ generosity and their dedication to helping to ensure we continue to have the most advanced equipment to care for the community,” said Frazier.

For information on making a gift to Carroll Hospital, please visit carrollhospitalfoundation.org or call 410-871-6200. 

Carroll Hospital, a LifeBridge Health Center, is a nonprofit, acute care facility offering the latest in medical technology, experienced medical professionals in a variety of specialties and a continuum of programs and services to meet the needs of the community.


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