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Getting to the Heart of Women's Health - Women Living and Triumphing over Heart Disease

The number one killer of women in the United States is heart disease…and the difference between life and death can be knowing the causes, the symptoms and heart healthy strategies.

In our LifePod's "Getting to the Heart of Women's Health" volumes 1 through 4, you will meet women of all ages who took control, and with the guidance of caring experts from The Heart Center at Sinai and Northwest Hospital, have turned frightening news into new beginnings.

Volume 1 – Women and Bypass Surgery

These are the words that every woman dreads, "You have heart disease, and you need surgery." However, there is help and hope. Cardiologists at the Heart Center at Sinai and Northwest Hospital perform miracles every day with their surgical skills and experience. Then, the rest is up to each individual.

Julie had symptoms for several weeks before she got help, even though she has a history of heart problems in her family. With help from a Northwest Hospital cardiologist and the Heart Center at Sinai, Julie didn't miss a beat when it came to changing her lifestyle.

As Julie explains in this volume, many of her best weapons are now in her own kitchen cabinets and in her basement.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both women and men. Congestive heart failure and, in fact, all heart disease, can be caused by many different things including heredity, untreated high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, smoking and conditions such as diabetes.

Volume 2– Women and Congestive Heart Failure

In this volume, you'll hear from Patricia and her physician, Dr. Ramona Gelzer Bell, M.D., a cardiologist at Northwest Hospital and the Heart Center at Sinai. Dr. Gelzer Bell explains that one reason that congestive heart failure is dangerous is because women have symptoms that are not always associated with heart trouble. In this volume, you'll hear from Dr. Gelzer Bell, who explains the common symptoms and methods for preventing and treating congestive heart failure.

Volume 3 – Cardiac Rehab – Tips for a Healthy Heart

In this volume, you'll hear healthy heart tips from Suzanne, a 90-years-young double bypass surgery patient, and her experts at Cardiac Rehab at LifeBridge Health & Fitness, who helped her get her life back.

You'll also hear from Loraine, a special education teacher, who had quadruple bypass surgery. The surgery saved her life to begin with, but then Loraine, her physicians and experts from LifeBridge Health & Fitness became a team. In this volume, you'll hear Loraine's tips on diet and exercise as she strives for a healthier heart.

For more information on living with or preventing heart disease, contact 410-601-WELL

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