LifePODS - LifeBridge Health Benefits

Below find information on a few of the important and unique benefits offered to employees by LifeBridge Health.


What benefits does LifeBridge Health offer that would help me decide to work at LifeBridge?

Medical benefits are very important to many employees. How does the LifeBridge Health Triple Option plan work?

Dental benefits are another program that many employees expect employers to offer. How does this plan work at LifeBridge Health?

Even on an employee's first day at work, you talk about Retirement benefits. Why is this an important topic & what retirement programs do you offer?

Does LifeBridge Health have a 401(k) plan?

I understand there's a special LifeBridge Health program for employees approaching retirement age. What is it?

What are your Time Off and Leave programs?

I noticed flatscreen monitors throughout LifeBridge Health facilities that include some benefit program information. One of the flatscreens had a picture of an employee with her husband and a cute little boy for the Adoption benefit. How does that program work?

Employees can have many issues going on in their lives that impact their time at work. Are there any benefits that help with those demands?

How do you get all these great ideas for benefits?


If you are interested in additional information about LifeBridge Health benefits, please contact Employee Services by calling 410.601.8000 or by email at