LifePODS - Knee Pain & Arthritis in Women

Learn more about knee pain and arthritis in women -  from Sinai Hospital of BaltimoreIf you are a female with a history of knee pain, knee injury or knee arthritis, you are not alone!

Knee pain has overtaken low back pain as the #1 complaint in the average orthopedic clinic.

Add to this fact that up to two-thirds of all total knee replacements are done on women in the United States and you have plenty of reasons to learn more about your knees and how to make them last.

In this LifePOD, Wayne Leadbetter, M.D., a well-known women's knee orthopedic specialist, will discuss women's knee problems, what you can do for your own knees to avoid pain, when to seek medical help, and what new advances in treatment are being developed at the Center for Joint Preservation and Replacement at Sinai Hospital's Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics.


How did doctors become so concerned with knee problems and arthritis in women?

What differences between men and women contribute to greater injury in women?

Is it true that if I exercise improperly I can actually cause more harm than good to my knees?

Is there a popular fitness exercise that you find particularly tough on the knee?

If I have started an exercise program, what do I look for to know if my knees are OK?

What if my knees already make grinding noises when I climb stairs or get out of a chair?

Can I be born with reasons for my knee pain or arthritis?

If I have knee pain that interferes with my daily activity, work or exercise, what should I expect my doctor to do or not to do for me?

What can I expect for diagnosis and treatment if I am seen at the Center for Joint Preservation and Replacement?

Dr. Leadbetter, what new treatments are available at the Center for Joint Preservation and Replacement?


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