LifePODS - Brain Injury

Mark Huslage, LCSW-C, and Coordinator for the Brain Injury Program for LifeBridge Health, will discuss the Brain Injury Program and the rehabilitation staff.


Please explain the Brain Injury program at LifeBridge Health?

What makes the brain injury programs at LifeBridge Health so unique?

How does the inpatient brain injury unit, Mount Pleasant, compare to others like it in the Baltimore area?

What are the different medical conditions of patients in the program?

Who are the various team members involved in the care and treatment of patients with a brain injury?

What role do families play in a patient's rehabilitation and what should a patient expect from the LifeBridge Health experience?

How do the programs ensure that patients and their families are well prepared for the future?

What are some of the unique benefits offered to the rehabilitation staff?

If someone is interested in a position on the Brain Injury Rehabilitation staff, what should they do?

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