Green Garden Project

Garden Before and After

In May 2012 the Freedom to Be Green Team commissioned eighteen groups at Sinai Hospital to take responsibility of their own 12′ x 4′ garden boxes for a Green Garden Project. The garden boxes would be located just over the foot bridge by the Mirowski Building.

Five staff members from each department and the surrounding community had to be committed to tending to the garden, which could grow a variety of vegetables, except corn. Garden tools were provided, as was the compost and soil for the boxes. The coolest aspect about the garden area was that an underground irrigation system was installed to water the plants during the day and at night!

So, who were the lucky groups that get their very own garden box? Take a look at the layout:

Garen Box Assignments

With shovels in one hand and seeds and plants in the other, the excited garden project participants took to the garden boxes and made them their very own. Some created signs made out of recycled products, while others added garden decorations such as pink flamingos and pinwheels.

Take a look at the progress of the garden project below, from the moment the ground was broken for the boxes to the first plants picked: