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Physician Referral Award Program

Physician Referral Award Program
LifeBridge Health is recruiting for many different physician specialties and always seeking new ways to reach potential candidates. To this end, we are excited to begin offering the Physician Referral Award Program! A bonus will be offered for physicians referred to current critical need and hard-to-fill searches using this referral form. A list of current critical need searches is below and will be updated as needed via this webpage, AllUser emails, and BridgeNet.

If the physician you refer is offered full-time employment, signs a contract, and stays employed with LifeBridge Health for one year, you will receive $20,000!!
Referral Form
I have read and understand The LifeBridge Health Physician Referral Program Guidelines

* Referring Physician or Employee:

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Program Guidelines
  1. Eligibility: All LifeBridge Health Physicians and employees are eligible to receive a Referral Award except the Physician Recruitment & Onboarding staff, and any individuals directly involved in the interviewing and hiring process of the referred physician.
  2. The referral must represent the physician’s first contact with LifeBridge Health.
  3. The Physician Referral form must be completed and returned directly to the Physician Recruitment Director.
  4. The referring physician must agree to have his/her name used for introduction.
  5. The referred physician must have agreed to the referral.
  6. The first physician or employee to refer a candidate will be the only individual eligible for the referral award payment.
  7. The referring individual must be a LifeBridge Health employee at the time the bonus is issued.
  8. All candidates will undergo the same background check and recruitment process as all other physician candidates.
  9. Information regarding contractual offers made to candidates will remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with the individual who makes the referral.
  10. Any disputes or interpretations of the program will be handled through the Chief Clinical Officer of the LifeBridge Clinically Integrated Network and the Director of Physician Recruitment.
  11. All referral bonus payments will be paid in two equal installments. The first installment will be paid after the referred physician has been fully credentialed and has been working for 90 days. The second installment will be paid after the referred physician has been working in their position for one full year. Awards will be issued within 30 days of those dates. Referral bonuses will only be paid for positions that are listed below and have been approved by the Director of Physician Recruitment and Executive Leadership.
  12. Bonuses will not be tied to potential volume or patient referrals.
  13. The amount of the referral bonus is $20,000 for full-time physicians. If the physician who is referred is not a full-time employee, the bonus amount will be equal to $20,000 multiplied by the percentage full-time equivalent (FTE) specified within the physician’s final contract. For example, the referral bonus for a 60% FTE part-time physician will be $12,000.
  14. Physician search firms cannot be utilized by the candidate or the referring individual in order to submit a potential physician as a candidate.
  15. This program begins on May 13, 2022. Bonuses will not be issued retroactively.
  16. The Physician Referral Award Program may be changed or canceled at any time. Physicians and employees will be notified of the changes or cancellations via email, AllUser, and BridgeNet.
Physician Referral Award Program
Current Critical Need/Hard To Fill Openings
The specialties for which we will be accepting referrals will be updated as physician contracts are signed and as recruitment needs are reassessed.
Carroll Hospital
Orthopedic Surgeon - General

Orthopedist with sports medicine interest. Full Time position to be based at Carroll.
View Listing
Gastroenterologist with Woodholme GI

Inpatient and Outpatient work. Full Time position with office hours in Westminster and Pikesville.
View Listing
Sinai Hospital
Pulmonologist at Sinai Hospital

Full Time position based at Sinai Hospital.
View Listing
Pulmonologist at Sinai Hospital

Full Time position based in the community in Owings Mills.
View Listing
Critical Care at Sinai Hospital

Full Time position to be based at Sinai Hospital
View Listing