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Emerging Leaders Program

Welcome to The Leadership Institute (TLI) at LifeBridge Health

TLI is committed to helping leaders Learn, Grow, and Lead Bravely as LifeBridge Health continues to strive for success, grow our business and engage our team members. We have created a comprehensive leadership development strategy to meet the needs of leaders at every level in the organization. To achieve this, TLI has consulted extensively with our leadership team to develop four distinct leadership tiers as well as a set of competencies deemed critical to success for each. Every tier has a specific set of leadership objectives aimed at mastering these competencies and building each leader’s skill set to enable success in their current role and prepare for future promotional opportunities.

In addition to the leadership strategy above, the Emerging Leaders Program conducts an annual program targeting individual contributors. The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Program is to identify and support the development of the emerging leaders of LifeBridge Health. Although these team members don’t currently manage people, they have demonstrated leadership qualities in their current roles. The program advances the talent of the emerging leader. Entry to this program is by nomination and application.  

This program is focused on helping selected participants gain valuable business knowledge and networking opportunities that will help to position them for future professional pursuits. A blended learning structure is deployed to meet the needs of the leader.  

For leaders who are new to LBH, TLI offers the Leader Resource Portal to accelerate their transition. This portal helps facilitate the transition and provides ongoing support beyond the program to these leaders.     

TLI provides online resources available to all LBH employees on such topics as accountability, being a team player, conflict management, customer service excellence, effective communication, managing emotions, navigating change and time management.


Emerging Leaders Program Testimonials:

“It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to be part of this wonderful program and I feel especially grateful for being part of such a fabulous capstone team. It is very exciting to know that our recommendations have the potential to be implemented across the LifeBridge Health system.” 

“I loved hearing the executives tell their stories of how they became leaders and the challenges that they continue to face. They were all so engaging and enthusiastic and I felt like I got the opportunity to know a little about them as people, not just executives. Their enthusiasm for the program was obvious.” 

“The ELP was an eye-opening, yet humbling experience that really allowed me to be challenged in a new exciting way. I can honestly say my confidence level (ESPECIALLY with public speaking) has grown tremendously.” 

“The program definitely made me feel that LBH is invested in and supports my professional growth and development.” 

“This program really helped boost my confidence as an ER nurse and leader within my department. I am becoming more involved with the ED and this program helped me improve my communication skills and networking abilities. I am more confident meeting new people.  

“This program was not only informative, it was interactive and allowed me to gain new friends in tons of different departments and throughout LifeBridge. Shortly after the program I was promoted to the ED Clinical Coach and am now responsible for monitoring the progression of the new graduate RNs orientation and their success in the department. Thank you for an amazing opportunity.”