Geriatric Surgery - Academic Program

As the Clinical Program aims to provide optimal, comprehensive care of the elderly surgical patient, the Academic Program will study what works and then teach this to others.



All elements of the comprehensive preoperative evaluation entered prospectively into our database may be retrospectively analyzed to determine which are discriminatory of perioperative risk. Prospective trials of interventions hypothesized to ameliorate this risk are then undertaken.  Case series may also be used to generate hypotheses. Cross-fertilization among specialties and multi-disciplinary care is encouraged.


A named lectureship will be a prominent and honored element of the Symposium.


A year-long fellowship is planned. Intended for academic surgeons interested in developing both clinical expertise and academic productivity in this nascent area within the world of surgery, the year-long program would be open to surgeons in training or those who have completed basic residencies in any surgical specialty. Clinical rotations would include Geriatric Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine in addition to Acute Care Surgery, Critical Care, and Anesthesiology as appropriate. Teaching geriatric surgery to residents and students would be important. Geriatric Surgery research leading to presentation and publication will be fostered.