Monthly Donor Program

Our loyal monthly donors discovered a way to support the mission of LifeBridge Health while being kind to their budget. Please consider joining their ranks by enrolling in our monthly donor program today.

Your ongoing donation provides LifeBridge Health with a steady, reliable, cost-effective source of income. And because your gift is processed automatically, you can help us reduce costs. Your recurring donation allows LifeBridge Health to continue to stay technologically advanced, expand services, build new facilities and renovate aging ones to provide high-quality patient care in modern comfortable surroundings!

A manageable gift of $10, $20, or even $50 per month has a tremendous impact on the lives entrusted to our care!

Monthly Donation $50/month $25/month $20/month $10/month
Donation per week: $11.53 $5.76 $4.61 $2.30
Donation per day: $1.64 $0.82 $0.65 $0.32

To become a monthly donor, simply click here!