Minimally Invasive Surgery for Children

Surgical Techniques

The Division of Pediatric Surgery at Sinai Hospital delivers the latest in minimally invasive surgery, also called laparscopic or thoracoscopic surgery.  This technique typically requires a small incision in the umbilicus or side of the chest which allows for the placement of a specialized telescope or camera.  Additional instruments are inserted through additional small incisions. 

Use of this technique avoids large incisions and reduces the recovery time for many surgeries such as antireflux surgery, pelvic surgery, chest surgery, and cancer surgery.  Laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery can be done on children and infants of any age or size. The Division of Pediatric Surgery at Sinai Hospital leads the region in expertise for applying minimally invasive techniques for surgery on neonates and infants.


Accolades for Pediatric Surgery at Sinai:

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