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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

What are ACEs?

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study is often referred to as the largest public health study that no has ever heard of. In 1995, CDC researchers discovered 10 common ACEs relating to child abuse, neglect and household dysfunction that have remarkably been proven to have costly detrimental outcomes as children become adults. BCAC recognizes the integral role that ACEs play in understanding childhood maltreatment and trauma, so much so, that we have now included it in our agency mission.

Learn more about ACEs and their impact:

How to take action: Advocacy and Training


On-site Training Institute:
BCAC is Maryland’s foremost resource for child abuse prevention education for caregivers, community members and youth-serving professionals. BCAC offers a number of different training opportunities at our onsite Training Institute in Baltimore City. All of our offerings are eligible for Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) approved by the Maryland Board of Social Work. Please click here for our upcoming offerings.

Off-Site Training:
If you are unable to attend BCAC’s onsite trainings, let us bring the training to you! BCAC provides customizable workshops that can be hosted in the community or at a worksite. To look at our complete list of training offers, click here. To schedule a training for your community or organization, please contact Rosheda Harrell.

Online Training Institute:
BCAC now offers online training opportunities for youth-serving professionals and community members who want to help protect kids in Maryland. To learn about Mandated Reporting, Vicarious Trauma & Building Resiliency and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), visit our Online Training Institute.