Hospice is a patient-centered, family-oriented approach to care for anyone in the advanced stage of a life-limiting illness. By combining careful pain and symptom management with spiritual and emotional support, hospice enables patients to live out the remainder of their days in comfort and dignity, surrounded by those they love. Hospice care neither hastens death nor prolongs life, but allows the illness to take its natural course. For families, hospice provides extensive bereavement support, both before and after the loss of a loved one.

Our Philosophy

  • Provide patients with palliative care and effective pain and symptom management
  • Help patients experience peace, comfort and dignity during the end stage of life
  • Allow patients to make their own decisions regarding care and treatment
  • Promote a caring community sensitive to the needs of hospice patients and their families
  • Support family members and other caregivers in their efforts to care for their loved one
  • Coordinate community resources to ensure continuity of care
  • Offer bereavement support to families and the community

Guidelines for Hospice Eligibility

  • Patient has a confirmed diagnosis of a terminal disease with a prognosis of six months or less.
  • Physician and patient have determined that curative therapy is no longer available or desired.
  • Patient and family desire comfort and care along with symptom management.
View our hospice eligibility guidelines

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