Stroke Care


Patients who get proper emergency treatment at the first signs of a stroke are proven to have far less risk of life-altering disability. That’s why it’s good to know you have Carroll Hospital’s award-winning cardiovascular team close at hand. Our comprehensive stroke care is designed to help patients get the quality treatment they need—and get back to the lives they love.

Emergency Stroke Care
The minute a stroke patient arrives at our hospital, our neurology and emergency medicine specialists get to work, using nationally developed treatment protocols that are proven to significantly improve outcomes for stroke patients. Carroll Hospital has been designated as a Primary Stroke Center by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS).

Cutting-Edge Collaboration
Using state-of-the-art telemedicine technology, Carroll Hospital's physicians have the ability to collaborate in real-time with LifeBridge Health neurologists, when necessary, to evaluate and treat the most complex stroke cases, giving patients access to all the specialists they need, close to home.

Rehabilitation starts as soon as possible to help stroke patients maintain their independence and their quality of life. Physical, occupational and speech therapies are provided in the hospital, on an outpatient basis, and in the comfort of the patient’s home through our affiliate, HomeCare Maryland.

Support Group
The sharing and caring provided through our stroke support group can help patients and their loved ones cope with the illness and its effects on everyday life. The group is free and open to stroke survivors, their caregivers, family and friends, and community members wanting to learn about the disease. Call 410-871-7000 for dates and times.