Men's Health

The health care providers at Carroll Hospital understand that men have special health care needs, just as women do. Yet some men are more reluctant than women to seek preventive medical care and are more likely to put off taking care of health problems. All too often, men ignore even potentially serious problems such as chest pain. That makes it all the more important for men — and the women who love them — to seek routine health care and get appropriate screenings.

Make sure you get yearly check-ups that include medical tests appropriate for your age and promptly report any medical problems to your doctor. Prevention and early intervention can make a tremendous difference in your long term health and quality of life. Call us today at 410-871-7000 for a referral to a doctor you can trust or to learn more about our programs and services for men.

Carroll Hospital helps you stay healthy by:

Our experienced medical staff and other health and wellness experts can diagnose and treat a wide array of health concerns for men.