At Carroll Hospital, we are humbled and thankful for the generous support we receive. And it's not only members of the community who contribute; being on the frontlines in healthcare inspires our own hospital associates to give.

Each year, more than $200,000 is given by Carroll Hospital and Carroll Hospice associates to help individuals right here in our own community fight cancer, deliver healthy babies, overcome diseases, heal from injuries and receive compassionate end-of-life care.

Their support shows a deep trust and commitment in the work we are doing to ensure our community receives the very best care possible. The results of our giving are all around us.

Meet three of our associate donors:

Shelley Six Amoss 
Shelley Six Amoss is the senior administrative assistant for the Emergency Department and has been a Carroll Hospital Associate for 12½ years. Inspired by watching her grandfather suffer a massive stroke in 1983, Shelley started her career in the telemetry and stroke unit before bringing her expertise to the Emergency Department.

Shelley is a co-chair of the Associate Giving Campaign. "The campaign is family-oriented and fun. We do a lot to keep our Associates engaged like raffles, food trucks, parades and little celebrations throughout the year. It provides a nice break from our day-to-day work," she says. "But, more importantly, I know the money we raise and my personal support are doing good for our community. The money I give stops here. I know it’s doing good things because I get to see it. I see the results in the new buildings. I personally give to the cardiology and stroke program, and I know those funds help patients and the programs they receive. I see how far we’ve come in stroke care since my grandfather was treated. Our patients have far better outcomes, our treatments and technology are so much better.

"When someone gives their support, we are true to our word in using their gifts to make a difference," she says, "and that’s why I’m involved.”

Shelley's natural spirit of advocacy and leadership runs in the family. “My great-grandmother was part of the group of citizens who advocated for a community hospital," she says. "She pushed to help bring the vision of Carroll Hospital to reality.”

Now Shelley is part of bringing the best healthcare possible to the residents of Carroll County and the region.

Herb Johnson
Herb Johnson has served at the White House, Pentagon, Buckingham Palace and space shuttle launches. From presidents, four-star generals and even the Queen of England, Herb’s career in the United States Air Force has taken him places he never could have dreamed. He credits his path to his father’s positive example and drive to succeed. “I have been given so much opportunity and had people who have inspired me along the way, but my father will always be the one I point to when asked who had the greatest influence on me," says Herb. "I saw him model integrity and pride in the face of adversity. He is the reason I stay positive and give all I have to the things I do. He taught me customer service and genuine care for humanity.”

Following his retirement from the Air Force, Herb returned to Maryland where his wife grew up. When he saw two openings for imaging techs at Carroll Hospital, he applied for both. “I wanted to get their attention, and I did.”

Herb has been with Diagnostic Imaging since 2012 and can be seen helping patients regularly in the Emergency Department. Whether it's a president, a general or the neighbor down the street, Herb’s care and positivity show no favor. “One day, I’m going to be that patient. I want to treat everyone the way I want to be treated when it’s my turn," he says. "If I can make someone smile or ease their anxiety, even for a few moments, I’ve done my job.”

When Herb got involved in the Associate Giving Campaign, he viewed it as a way to get to affect his colleagues from every area of the hospital. “It makes me proud to know that what I am doing is creating a legacy that will be here long after me."

Lori Webster 
Lori Webster joined Carroll Hospital in February 2004 as a member of the Carroll Hospital Foundation team. During that time, she has been sharing the good news happening at the hospital with our community. One of the things Lori is most proud to share is the engagement and support from our own associates. 

“Seeing the outpouring of support from our associates is extremely moving to me. As a child who was in the foster care system, I experienced firsthand the generosity of strangers who opened their hearts to me," she says. "Mom always said it made her heart smile to help. That is how my philanthropy makes me feel knowing my gifts are making a difference for our patients.” Lori believes in the work we do at Carroll Hospital and says she is grateful to be part of our hospital team. “Giving back, for me, is the right thing to do.”

How You Can Help
To support Carroll Hospital and Carroll Hospice, contact the Carroll Hospital Foundation at 410-871-6200 or visit our website.