Estimated Charges for Hospital Procedures

The link below provides estimated average charges for common inpatient and outpatient procedures at Carroll Hospital. These tables are updated quarterly and are based on the patient charges actually incurred for these services during the previous twelve months. They may be used by patients to estimate the charge for services that they may incur.

Please note that these are only estimates and are subject to change without notice. The actual cost of your procedure may be higher or lower based on factors specific to your case, such as your length of stay in the hospital and the complexity of your medical condition. If you have questions regarding an estimated charge, please call a Financial Counselor at 410-871-6718.

These estimates reflect hospital charges only. They do not include physician or other provider fees that are billed separately from the hospital fees. You may receive bills from multiple physicians for their services, including but not limited to your anesthesiologist, hospitalist, pathologist, radiologist, cardiologist, emergency room physician, and other specialist who participate in your care. If you have questions regarding the bill for their services, please contact the individual provider.

Estimated Average Charges for Common Procedures