Daily Health Challenges

Complete any of the Daily Health Challenges below and post to social media using #CarrollTotalHealthExpo to be entered into our prize drawing!

Monday, October 25

Nutrition: Make it a meatless Monday!

Activity: Set a weekly exercise goal and plan it out. Recommendations are 150 minutes of activity a week, but remember, some activity is better than none!

Mindfulness: Start a gratitude journal. At the end of the day write down three things you're thankful for. 

Tuesday, October 26

Nutrition: Try a vegetable you've never tried before. Check out in season greens, squashes and sweet potatoes! 

Activity: Try some strength training exercises you can do at home.

Mindfulness: Slow down while you eat a meal. Sit and focus on your food, chew and taste without distraction. 

Wednesday, October 27

Nutrition: Drink you water! Track your intake and aim for at least 64 oz today. 

Activity: Add more physical movement to your day. Park your car farther from your destination, take the stairs or walk while on a teleconference.

Mindfulness: Take a few minutes for mindful breathing. Sit in a quiet space and focus on your breaths.

Thursday, October 28

Nutrition: Aim for two servings of fruit today. Fruits are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals!

Activity: Try a new virtual group physical activity class.

Mindfulness: Take 15 minutes out of your day to spend outdoors. Take a walk, notice the changes in the scenery during the fall season.

Friday, October 29

Nutrition: High fiber Friday! Aim for at least 26g of fiber today by checking your nutrition panels and eating whole foods.

Activity: How's your balance? Try some balance exercises to test and improve your balance.

Mindfulness: Make time to do something you enjoy that you normally don't make time for.

Saturday, October 30

Nutrition: Prepare a healthy soup, stew or other meal to freeze for later.

Activity: Walk Carroll: Take a walk with you family, friends, coworkers or take a walk by yourself. Post to social media using #WalkCarroll for an extra chance at the prize drawing.

Mindfulness: Reach out to someone you haven't connected with in a while. Call, message or write a note to check in.