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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Policy

  • Carroll Hospital provides emergency or urgent care to all patients regardless of ability to pay.
  • You are receiving this information because under Maryland law, all hospitals must have a financial assistance policy and inform their patients that they may be entitled to receive financial assistance for the cost of medically necessary hospital services. At Carroll Hospital, this assistance is available to patients who live in the hospital’s primary and secondary service areas and are U.S. Citizens who have a low income.
  • Carroll Hospital provides full financial assistance to patients whose household income is at 300% above the poverty guidelines. Patients whose combined household income is more than 300% of the poverty guidelines may also be eligible for financial assistance on a sliding scale. To find out if you are eligible to apply for financial assistance, you will be required to provide the hospital with detailed and complete information.
  • In addition, Carroll Hospital offers reduced-cost care for patients declaring a medical hardship (excluding co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles). This applies to families who over a 12 month period have incurred medical debt in our facility exceeding 25% of the household income.

Patients’ Rights:

  • Patients that meet the financial assistance policy criteria described above may receive financial assistance from the hospital.
  • You may be eligible for Maryland Medical Assistance. Medical Assistance is a program funded jointly by state and federal governments that pays the full cost of health coverage for low-income individuals who meet certain criteria. If you have questions or would like more information, call our financial counselors at 410-871-6718.
  • If you believe you have wrongly been referred to a collection agency, you have the right to contact the hospital to request assistance at 410-560-6300

Patients’ Obligations:

  • Carroll Hospital strives to ensure that accounts are properly billed in a timely manner. You should receive a summary statement within 30 days of discharge. It is your responsibility to provide correct insurance information.
  • Patients with the ability to pay their bill are obligated to pay the hospital in a timely manner
  • If you do not have health coverage and believe you may be eligible for financial assistance, or if you cannot afford to pay the bill in full, you should contact the business office promptly at 410-560-6300 to discuss options.
  • In determining whether a patient is eligible for free, reduced cost care or a payment plan, it is the obligation of the patient to provide accurate and complete financial information. If your financial position changes, you have an obligation to promptly contact the business office to provide updated/corrected information.

Physician Services:

  • Services provided by physicians during your stay will be billed separately and are not included on your hospital billing statement.

Financial Assistance Application:

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Policy Plain Language Summary

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