Cardiac Treatment

We know how important it is to have options for advanced cardiac care close to home. Our cardiac team provides state-of-the-art cardiac care, including the latest cardiac procedures and three levels of monitored care units so your cardiovascular condition can get exactly the right level of monitoring when you need inpatient care.

Cardiac Procedures

For our many community members who suffer from heart disease, Carroll Hospital offers the latest proven treatments, including:

Emergency Angioplasty
For patients with a serious type of heart attack called a STEMI (short for ST segment elevation myocardial infarction), we’ve partnered with the University of Maryland Medical Center and LifeBridge Health to provide percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), also know as emergency angioplasty. 

Carroll Hospital has been designated as a Cardiac Inter­ventional Center by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS). This designation recognizes the hospital for meeting the highest standards of quality care for pa­tients, and is required for any Maryland hospital that accepts emergency angioplasty patients by ambulance.

Elective Coronary Intervention (Angioplasty)
Carroll Hospital is proud to now offer elective coronary intervention (also known as elective angioplasty), a minimally invasive procedure that’s designed to fix blockages in the heart arteries. It’s the same quality heart care found at leading academic institutions, now close to home.

Pacemaker Implantation
A pacemaker is usually implanted when a patient suffers from arrhythmia. This device uses electrical impulses to regulate the heart rhythm or reproduce a normal rhythm.

Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)
ICDs are advanced pacemakers that are used to treat rapid heartbeat by sending electrical shocks to the heart when a rapid rhythm is detected. In this procedure, physicians implant this battery-powered device into the chest to record and adjust heart activity.

Monitored Care Units

Many cardiac patients need special care units that can more intensely monitor their condition. At Carroll Hospital, we offer three levels of closely monitored care that can accommodate a total of more than 50 patients at one time:

  • Critical care unit (CCU)
    A combined Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with state-of-the-art cardiac monitors, where patients receive the most intense monitoring
  • Intermediate care (IMC)
    A “step down” unit for those needing less intense care than our CCU
  • Telemetry unit (5 South)
    A unit dedicated to caring for admitted stroke patients 

Our three monitored care units are staffed 24/7 with board-certified critical care house physicians, who work with your physician to provide the highest level of specialized care. Our specially trained nursing team has undergone extensive training to care for critically ill patients and regularly attend education courses to stay abreast of the latest medical advances. The rooms in these units have been specially designed to meet the needs of critical patients, surgical step-down patients or patients who require cardiac monitoring.

They include:

  • high-tech, total care beds that allow patients to be gently turned to promote circulation and improve aeration to the lungs
  • sophisticated cardiac monitors, allowing nurses to constantly monitor the patients’ conditions via special cameras.

Understanding the stress family members feel when a loved one is in critical condition, our staff strives to update them about your condition and treatment as well as offer emotional support.