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Palliative Care Brings Comfort

Palliative carePalliative care is often thought to be only for the dying, but it brings comfort to anyone with a serious illness of any age. Palliative care treats the symptoms, side effects and stress caused by a serious illness, including physical side effects, emotional issues, financial and legal affairs and spirituality with a goal of improving overall quality of life.

Each patient has a dedicated palliative care consult team consisting of a physician, clinical nurse specialist, social worker, clinical pharmacist and pastoral care provider. This team works together to address the patient's needs from a supportive care perspective, including symptom and pain management, anxiety, psychosocial distress and spiritual needs. Treatment may include pain management with medicine and complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage and aromatherapy. Patients with serious illnesses may experience emotional difficulties, have trouble performing daily tasks or experience a loss of appetite.

Palliative care also extends to a patient’s family members and caregivers, who are an important part of a patient’s team. Family members and caregivers may need guidance while caring for a patient, emotional support themselves and help navigating the health care system. Financial guidance is also available.