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Secure Text Signup

We write to remind you that all communication between physicians, nurses and patients which contains protected health information (PHI) must be sent securely per HIPAA and Federal Law.  This includes any discussion of patient care which contains identifying information, transmission of images, EKGs, or communication to patients regarding their care. The potential fines for a breach of HIPAA can be up to $50,000 per incident, per day, in addition to the impact on our patients if their information is shared inappropriately.

In order to address the need for quick and easy communication in the form of texting, Lifebridge Health now offers ALL providers a solution called “Secure Text” by Vocera, the same company that provides the wireless badges used on in-patient floors.  This new app is easily downloaded, simple to use, and allows for sending texts and images. It functions just like your standard text app.  It is available to in-patient and ambulatory providers and supporting staff,  in and out of the hospital, android or iphone. It also allows you to send messages securely to patients or other recipients who do not have the app. You can even send messages from this app directly to any Vocera badge if that user is logged into their badge.  Please note however, this app CANNOT be used to transmit a request for orders to be placed on your behalf, such as the use of verbal orders.  

In addition to being HIPAA compliant and SECURE, the secure text app provides additional features like time stamps showing you when the message was sent, received, and read.  All the data is saved centrally and easily retrieved if needed. This is the only secure-texting solution endorsed and supported by Lifebridge Health.

Take advantage of this exciting new texting app created specifically for medical providers and supporting staff by following this link to sign up and download the app:  

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