HLTH Conference 2019

Join the LifeBridge Health Innovation team and six of our start-up partners in Las Vegas at the HLTH conference from October 27-30

We’ll be at booth #773 with our six partners. Learn more about them here:

Digital Infuzion is a custom biomedical informatics solutions provider focused on developing and applying technology to empower decision making and accelerate insight for health, science, and human understanding in the life sciences and clinical research industries. One of their solutions is Mirror AR, a revolutionary motion capture and augmented reality solution which can be used in any field where home compliance and performance is key to individual success; such as physical rehabilitation, fitness training or surgery follow-up. Mirror AR objectively measures the range of motion and compliance to required therapy exercises providing real-time feedback to participants and their providers. Working at the intersection of biology, medicine, and technology, our deep understanding of these fields grants us the ability to offer the most innovative technology services and real-world solutions to the world's leading research centers and healthcare organizations.   https://www.digitalinfuzion.com

Emocha Mobile Health empowers every patient to take every dose of medication thr2ough HIPAA-compliant mobile applications and human engagement. Our turnkey, enterprise solution provides daily interaction, support, and incentives for a holistic solution to medication non-adherence.  www.emocha.com

FIGmd is the world’s leader in the measurement and reporting of clinical data quality.  Since 2010, FIGmd has designed, developed, and deployed healthcare IT solutions for management of clinical quality parameters.  Today, FIGmd’s products and services are used by half the provider population in the U.S. to manage, measure, and report clinical quality for one-third of the U.S. population.  www.figmd.com

Kermit is built on the idea that better physician preference item (implants chosen by surgeons in the areas of orthopedics, spine and cardio or “PPI”) spend management requires a better way to build partnerships between administration and surgeons. We created Kermit, an analytics platform that does just that, with a team that draws on its deep understanding and experience in the medical device industry where it counts; clinical expertise, supply chain management, procurement, cost control and the appreciation for the intricate worlds of the surgeon, hospital administration and suppliers. Formed in 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland, we’ve implemented Kermit within hospitals across the country who now use a collaborative approach and our evidence-based framework to bring control of PPI spend back where it belongs. Our clients save an average of 30% of total annual spend. We are paid out of verified savings, so there is no budgeting and no risk. http://kermitppi.com/

Created by the former Khan Academy Medicine team and Johns Hopkins medical students, Osmosis is a leading health education platform & solutions provider with an audience of over 1.5 million current and future clinicians. Osmosis partners with dozens of health systems such as LifeBridge Health, life science companies such as Fresenius, and organizations such as the Council of Medical Specialty Societies to provide an engaging, efficient, and enjoyable learning experience to healthcare professionals & staff as well as patients and their family members. www.osmosis.org.

RAPID is the worldwide leader in advanced imaging for stroke. Installed in over 1,300 hospitals, RAPID (automated CTP, MRI, CTA and ASPECTS), with enhanced AI framework, is the only clinically-validated stroke imaging platform — RAPID response time, RAPID results, with custom notifications, on any mobile device. Easy, fast, secure.  https://rapid.ai/home