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Pureed Consistency Diet (Day 15-30 Post-Op)

Pureed Consistency Diet

  • Hummus
  • Fat free refried beans
  • Scrambled, soft boiled, or poached eggs/egg whites
  • Tofu
  • Oatmeal blended with protein powders
  • Low fat soup with added protein powder – chicken broth or unflavored (puree chunks)
  • Lentils (mushed or blended)
  • Canned or bagged tuna/chicken/salmon with yogurt or low fat mayo/salad dressing (no chunks – do not add celery, onion, or relish yet)
  • Fresh or canned crab (blended into pureed consistency)
  • Sugar free pudding mixed or made with protein powder (try making popsicles)
  • Pure Protein jello
  • Low fat cottage cheese
  • 2% or part-skim cheese
  • Dannon Light and Fit, Yoplait Light, Activia Light, 0 or 2% plain Greek yogurt
  • Pureed meats (see directions below)
  • Protein shakes (Vary the flavors!)
  • Creamy/natural almond, peanut, soy nut or cashew butters

Directions to puree foods:

  1. Use blender or food processor
  2. Cut food into bite-size pieces
  3. Add ¼ - ½ cup liquids – low sodium/fat free broth (vegetable, chicken, or beef), 100% juice, milk (unsweetened almond/soy, Lactaid, or skim)
  4. Add mild seasonings and flavors
  5. Pulverize and blend until chunks are no longer present or strain