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Post-Surgery Reminders

Post Surgery RemindersTo Begin the Day You Arrive Home from the Hospital

Day 1-3:

  • Take your vitamins as prescribed (liquid, gel, or chewable only)
  • Start the 3-day Juice Party (Drink a minimum of 48 fluid ounces daily.)
  • 100% juice mixed with water
  • Soup broth
  • Sugar-free Jello
  • 10 calorie or less drinks such as Crystal Light and sugar free Hawaiian Punch

Day 4-14:

  • Continue taking vitamins as prescribed
  • Drink 1 protein shake every 3-4 hours (4-5 shakes a day)
  • Stop all fluids that are greater than 10 calories per serving
  • Drink 10 calorie or less fluids between shakes (A minimum of 48 ounces daily.)
  • Remember30-60 minute rule!

Day 15-30

  • Continue taking vitamins as prescribed
  • Slowly add new foods back into eating pattern (See Pureed Foods Recipes for more ideas). All foods must be very moist, mushy, and well chewed before swallowing (Eggs, yogurt, tuna, soup, crabmeat, etc.).
  • Decrease protein shakes as you are able to tolerate more regular food.
  • Always eat protein first - You need 60-80 grams daily at this point.
  • Drink 10 calorie or less fluid between meals (A minimum of 48 ounce daily.)
  • Protein ideas:
    • Pre-made protein drinks
    • Pre-made protein water
    • Protein powder mixed with milk and fruit in blender
    • Protein powder mixed with sugar-free pudding, yogurt, cottage cheese or Protein powder (unflavored) mixed with soup broth
    • Protein powder mixed with Crystal Light and/or water and made into popsicles
    • Protein powder mixed with water and flavored sugar-free syrup


  • Be sure to schedule all necessary follow up appointments with the surgeon and dietitian.
  • Be sure to attend the Nutrition Transition Class within your first month post surgery. You will receive a letter in the mail informing you of the date.

Breath - Use incentive spirometer 10 times an hour x 1 week

Sip - 1 sip every minute

Walk - 1 short walk every 15 minutes