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Dr. Annie Neurohr, PT, DPT, CMTPT

Dr. Annie Neurohr is the Running and Biomotion Specialist at the Rubin Institute. She specializes in the evaluation and treatment of both competitive and recreational runners.

Dr. Neurohr earned her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She is a certified dry needling therapist and licensed Astym provider, specializing in musculoskeletal and orthopedic injury management. She is also trained in motion sensor analysis technology, custom orthotic design using 3D printing technology. blood flow restriction therapy, and is currently involved in gait analysis and running research development at RIAO.

Having completed six marathons, Dr. Neurohr is an avid runner and involved member of the Baltimore community. She runs weekly with Back On My Feet, an organization helping individuals combat homelessness through a running community. She is the director of the Back On My Feet Injury Prevention Clinic, providing screening services to underserved members in the community.

In her free time, Dr. Neurohr enjoys playing co-ed soccer; hiking with her dog, Adler; and traveling back home to Georgia to see her family and friends. 

Dr. Sara Goggin, PT, DPT

Dr. Sara Goggin, PT, DPT

Sara Goggin, PT, DPT, is coordinator of program development for outpatient rehabilitation at RIAO. She has several years of experience treating adult runners and pediatric orthopedic patients, specializing in the treatment of limb deficiencies and congenital deformities.

Dr. Goggin has worked at RIAO since obtaining her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore in 2010. She has expertise in running evaluations, Astym, SFMA, trigger point dry needling, and other manual techniques. 

Herself a runner, Dr. Goggin as completed one marathon and many half-marathons. She is anxiously looking forward to when her youngest child is old enough to be taken along for runs in a jogging stroller.

Dr. Simeon Mellinger PT, DPT, OCS

Dr. Simeon Mellinger is the Sports Rehabilitation and Research Specialist at the Rubin Institute physical therapy department. He specializes in treatment and movement analysis of athletes, including runners and running related injuries.

Simeon obtained his doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Maryland in 2015. Shortly after, Dr. Mellinger went on to obtain multiple certifications and training geared towards the running population including trigger point dry needling, astym, blood flow restriction, selective functional movement assessment, and biomechanical analysis. He considers himself a movement specialist and is passionate about improving quality and efficiency in his runners.

Dr. Mellinger recently became a published author with his review of evidence of conservative treatment of knee pain in runners. He plans on continuing to push the envelope of research and treatment in orthopedics, as he recently became an Orthopedic Certified Specialist. In his past time he enjoys casual running, weight training, and traveling abroad with his wife, Claire.

Dr. Emily Whittie, DPT

Dr. Emily Whittie, DPT is the newest member of the running team at the Rubin Institute.

Dr. Whittie earned her doctorate in physical therapy from Arcadia University in 2018. Similarly to her colleagues, she is a licensed Astym® provider and has expertise in blood flow restriction therapy (BFR), along with other manual therapy techniques.

A soccer and lacrosse player for many years, Dr. Whittie mostly ran up and down the field, but found herself with a new passion for running as a sport when she started grad school. She has ran in several races and considers running one of her hobbies.

In addition to running, Dr. Whittie enjoys reading, fitness, and binge watching shows on Netflix."