Stroke Center at Sinai Rehabilitation Center

Sinai Hospital is certified by the Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center. Operating within LifeBridge Health’s Berman Brain & Spine Institute the Stroke Center at Sinai offers a 36-bed unit with generously sized private rooms. Patient care is provided using an interdisciplinary team approach, involving  nurses, therapists, and other specialists trained in treating patients with neurological deficits. The therapists and nurses are required to regularly participate in continuing education related to stroke. Occupational, physical, and speech therapists assess patients with stroke within 24 hours of their admission.

The occupational therapist evaluates and treats deficits in the areas of muscle tone, balance, strength, and cognition as it relates to function. These deficits may affect the patient's ability to complete activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, self-feeding, and basic hygiene. Recommendations may be made for splints or adaptive equipment to enhance function.

The physical therapist evaluates and treats deficits in muscle tone, balance, strength, and endurance and their impact on gait and mobility. Recommendations and training are provided when adaptive equipment is indicated.

The speech language pathologist evaluates and treats swallowing deficits with recommendations for the safest means of nutrition. Furthermore, the speech therapist assesses cognitive-communication deficits and provides treatment to facilitate communication.

The interdisciplinary team plays an integral role in educating patients and families regarding the signs and symptoms of stroke, stroke risk factors, and the three hour tPA window. They will also educate about the importance of smoking, drug, and alcohol cessation for future stroke prevention, as needed.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, the therapists collaborate with nurses, case managers/social workers, and physicians to provide appropriate discharge recommendations for home versus a rehabilitation facility. When appropriate, patients may continue their inpatient rehabilitation course at Sinai’s Rehabilitation Center, where they receive three hours of therapy daily.

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