RETURN! to Work Vocational Reentry Program

The RETURN! to Work Vocational Reentry Program (RTW) at Sinai Rehabilitation Center provides the most comprehensive vocational services in the state of Maryland to adults who have sustained an acquired brain injury. It is designed to successfully rehabilitate, competitively place and provide ongoing support to those seeking to re-enter the workforce.

The program meets the complex needs of workers with mild, moderate or severe brain injuries. Individuals can be referred through the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS), long-term disability, and Workers’ Compensation. The return to work process is overseen by Vocational Case Coordinators (VCC), who hold rehab certifications through the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission and the Brain Injury Association of America.

At RTW, one size does not fit all. Recovery from brain injury may be incomplete and the need for vocational assistance, variable. A successful return-to-work plan is person centered, time sensitive and focused on removing barriers to employment. Access to recommended services, such as neurological rehabilitation, case coordination and comprehensive vocational services are provided for individuals seeking competitive employment in the community. A thorough evaluation of a person’s physical abilities, cognitive skills and work behaviors is critical in this effort. Our Vocational Case Coordinators (VCC) provide continuous oversight during all phases of treatment—a model unsurpassed in brain injury rehabilitation. For more information about the RETURN! To Work program or to make a referral, call 410-601-8569.

Program Services: The RETURN! To Work Program offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic, treatment, and vocational services to individuals seeking competitive employment following a brain injury. They include the following:
  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation
  • Work Preparedness
  • Job Development and Placement
  • Job Coaching
  • Supported Employment
  • Resource Linkage

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Neuropsychological Testing

This evaluation assesses the individual’s cognition, memory, problem-solving, language skills, visual spatial skills, etc. Upon completion, the neuropsychologist will make recommendations for appropriate rehabilitation services, medical needs, behavioral interventions and effective return-to-work strategies. Neuropsychological testing can be performed at our center and is considered the “gold standard” of vocational reentry planning.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

For individuals who require rehabilitation prior to job-seeking, these services can be obtained through Sinai Rehabilitation Center. The assigned VCC will make arrangements for such services and coordinate overall care. Services can range from single therapies (OT, PT, Speech, etc.) to a day treatment stay in the RETURN! Community Reentry Program

Work Preparedness

In this phase of the RETURN! To Work Program, individuals are assisted in preparing for workforce reentry. RTW partners with the Vocational Services Program (VSP) of LifeBridge Health, which can provide vocational assessments and work trials via their Work Readiness program. The VCC’s monitor the worker’s progress and closely consult with VSP during work preparedness.

Job Development and Placement

When a participant is ready to actively seek employment, job development services are initiated. Such services include vocational interest assessment, resume development, job search training, work application assistance, and interview prep. Successful job placement is enhanced by carefully matching worker skill with job duties.

Job Coaching

Upon gainful employment, the VCC provides job coaching to the worker to ensure success in the workplace. The job coach helps the worker learn work duties, develops strategies to promote worker independence, arranges for work place accommodations and provides employer education and counseling. Prior to discharge, natural workplace supports are identified and developed.

Supported Employment

Following 90 days of continuous employment, extended work supports are provided to workers who would benefit from ongoing Job coaching. In this phase, the VCC provides monthly visits to the worker, continuous assessment of worker’s job performance, employer education and counseling, and worker advocacy/requests for accommodation.

For more information about the RETURN! To Work program or to make a referral, call 410-601-8539.