Fall Prevention for Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation

Sinai Rehabilitation CenterFalls are a leading cause of injury, especially in older adults. The CIR unit is dedicated to fall prevention on our unit, as well as in the community. The Falls Prevention Committee at Sinai Hospital includes members of the CIR team. The goal of the committee is to identify fall risk patients and implement prevention measures to increase patient safety.

On the CIR unit, a registered nurse performs a fall assessment on each patient upon admission and every twelve hours continually during their stay.
  • Physical Therapists assess patients by using such tools as the Get Up and Go Test, the Berg Balance Test & the Tinetti Test.
  • Occupational Therapists assess a patient’s cognition, vision, strength and balance that affect safety.
The multidisciplinary teams works together to optimize patient safety and provide education for fall prevention at home.