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Trying to decide on the best course of treatment immediately following a brain injury can be overwhelming. Finding the right fit for your rehabilitation is important for its success. Our brain injury programs coordinator, Mark Huslage, is available to answer your questions and explore your options. He can be reached at 410-601-0787 or to email, Click Here . For more about our brain injury programs please Click Here.

Why You Should Choose the Sinai Rehabilitation Center for Brain Injury Rehabilitation


The Friedman Center

The Friedman Neurological Rehabilitation Center, the newest inpatient brain injury rehabilitation unit in Maryland, was designed to meet the vast needs of individuals with brain injury and their families. The Center provides access to state-of-the-art technology and research-based therapies. We encourage you to tour the facility before making placement decisions.

Long-standing programs staffed by brain injury certified healthcare professionals

Established in 1985, our brain injury programs boast the most clinicians certified by the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists than all other brain injury providers in Maryland. Patient care is directed by physiatrists, who are physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians specializing in brain injury.

Immediate access to medical specialists and emergency care

In contrast to other brain injury facilities in Maryland, our patients have immediate access to emergency care. Consultations with neurologists, cardiologists, pain physicians and many other specialists are available immediately.

The most complete brain injury continuum of care in Maryland

In line with our motto, “Patients for Life,” the Sinai Rehabilitation Center has developed brain injury programs designed to take care of people from coma to community. Upon discharge from inpatient care, patients have the option of attending the RETURN! Community Reentry Program to help with their return to school, work, or home responsibilities.

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