Advanced Trauma Center

Sinai Hospital is an advanced trauma center that provides treatment for patients after traumatic injury including but not limited to:

  • Gun shot wounds
  • Car accidents
  • Fractures sustained from falls

Occupational, physical, and speech therapists are consulted for patients who have sustained such injuries to address their potential physical, cognitive and swallowing impairments.

  • Physical therapists assess mobility and instruct patients in gait and stair negotiation with assistive devices that allow for redistribution of weight during the healing process. /li>
  • Occupational therapists instruct patients in the use of adaptive methods and equipment for activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing.
  • Speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat swallowing difficulties to recommend the safest means of nutrition.
  • The speech therapist also evaluates and treats cognitive deficits to assure patient safety when considering discharge plans.

The therapists coordinate with social work and case management to procure the necessary equipment, access resources, and transition the patient to a rehab facility, home, or outpatient therapies as appropriate.

Continuum of Care
Acute Care
Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation
Traumatic Brain Injury/Neurological Inpatient Rehabilitation
Outpatient Rehabilitation