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Statistical Support

Statistical Support

Statistical Support

The LifeBridge Health (LBH) Department of Research has identified or arranged for several sources that can provide either statistical or experimental design support services for faculty, residents, or staff members engaged in investigator-initiated research. They range from free online programs to pay-as-you-go services which can be directly billed to the department receiving the service. Each service provider will provide a current estimate of the time and level of expertise needed for the analysis of any given project.

An LBH Administrative Review Board (ARB) application must be submitted and approved before any faculty, resident, or staff member can utilize any of the pay-as-you-go services. Current LBH ARB application forms now have a section for denoting an anticipated need for statistical consultation, and the estimated cost for statistical support. This section of the application will require Department Chief and Director approval, and will serve as LBH authorization for the provider to directly bill the LBH division or department in question for the agreed-upon services rendered. Please note that statistical support can be obtained only after the LBH ARB has reviewed and approved the research proposal.

Self-study Guides for Statistics:

Statistics 101
Self Study Guide Part 1
Self Study Guide Part 2

Statistics 201
Self Study Guide Software Applications provides a free and very comprehensive statistics package for on-line data analysis at:

LBH-approved Consultants for statistical support & experimental design:

          Joseph H. Abraham, ScD MS
          Apex Epidemiology

          Phone: (410) 419-7764