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Cell and Tissue Culture Support

Cell and Tissue Culture Support at the Mower Central Research Laboratory

Cell and Tissue Culture Support

The lab maintains separate tissue culture workrooms for animal and human-derived cell lines each complete with their own Baker containment hoods and incubators. We support primary and immortalized cultures as well as co-culturing techniques, conditioned media, and xeno-free media protocols. Our partial laundry list of services available to Sinai Hospital researchers:

  • Bacterial and mammalian cell culture training
  • Morphology, viability, proliferation, and stress assays
  • Cell and tissue isolation and characterization protocols
  • Long-term cold storage of samples at –80C and liquid nitrogen freezers
  • DNA manipulation techniques including plasmids, siRNA, RNAi, gene knockouts, protein over-expression, and multi-unit protein complex assembly
  • Phase contrast and light microscopy
  • Stem cells:
    • hESCs
    • Hematopoietic
    • Mesenchymal stromal
    • Umbilical cord
  • Flow cytometry
    • Double fluorescence labeling of cells for quantification and cell surface protein/biomarker detection
Mesenchymal stromal cells
Fig1. - Mesenchymal stromal cells
Blood smear
Fig2. - Blood smear


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