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Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation at LevindaleEveryone has the capacity for creative expression. Therapeutic recreation is an integral part of life at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital.

Recreational therapists lead programs and activities designed to meet the physical, cultural, social, cognitive, emotional and creative needs of long-term care residents and hospital patients. Therapists use social events, community outings and educational classes to achieve these goals and to enable individuals to establish healthy leisure lifestyles.

Therapeutic recreation specialists are nationally certified and hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

Therapeutic Recreation at Levindale
Resident Artwork

Music therapists use music to focus on the physical, psychological and social needs of people of all ages and people with disabilities. Music can reduce anxiety, spark memories of happy times, and stimulate the senses with rhythm and melodies.

Art therapists use art to enhance the lives of the elderly. It gives them a chance to express themselves creatively in an emotional environment.

Horticulture therapy helps residents — even those with physical and mental challenges — to relax while working with plants and flowers.


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