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Levindale Auxiliary

Since 1899, the Levindale Auxiliary has been a vital service organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of the elderly and disabled at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital.

The Auxiliary is committed to helping to humanize institutional care. Members go beyond the scope of the excellent medical services provided and address the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of residents, patients and clients. They provide funding to promote companionship, cultural stimulation and mechanisms, which enable the elderly to maintain their dignity and quality of life.

The Levindale Auxiliary has members from the community who support its mission through membership dues, the Life Membership Program, contribution cards and fundraising events. They support the residents, patients and clients of Levindale and the Belvedere and Pikesville Adult Services Centers.

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How We Help the Residents...

The Auxiliary funds requests, which range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Examples of its support include:

  • Gifts to Levindale to help fund the Eden Alternative and Neighborhood Model programs
  • $250,000 gift for the Levindale Auxiliary Sensory Garden
  • Pianos and other equipment for special activities
  • Providing Entertainment and Bar-tending at the Happy Hours
  • Providing Chaunukah Presents
  • Mezuzahs on every door at Levindale
  • Celebrating Jewish Traditions throughout the year
  • Snowball parties
  • Sponsored Outdoor Movie Night
  • Trips to theaters, restaurants, sporting events, concerts and museums, etc.


In addition to knowing that you've made a difference in the lives of frail and lonely elders, members receive our newsletters and invitations to fall and spring fundraisers.


To get involved, please email us or call the Levindale Auxiliary office at 410-601-2378. You may also order contribution gift cards for any occasion.

Levindale Auxiliary Officers 2018-2019

 President Rochelle Bohrer
 President’s Mentor Marcia Bornfriend
 V.P. Fundraising Randy Melnick
 V.P. Special Projects Jen Erez
  Yael Schwarzenberger
 V.P. Membership Rozzie Brilliant
 Corresponding Secretary Linda Roedel
 Recording Secretary Amy Blavatt
 Treasurer Iris Miller
 Auditor Lynda Weinstein
 Development Adviser Deverah Routman
 Photographer Esky Cook
 Newsletter Editor Julia Narrow
Eve Vogelstein
 Past President Marcia Bornfriend

Contact Us:
Levindale Auxiliary
2434 W. Belvedere Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21215