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Sensory Garden and Donor Wall

In June 2012, the Auxiliary donated $250,000 to build the Levindale Auxiliary Sensory Garden.

Designed to awaken all five senses, the sensory garden features beautiful greenery, aromatic flowers, appetizing herbs, tranquil waterfalls, soothing music and colorful lights. Enhancing the entrance to the Levindale campus, the garden gives residents, staff and visitors a place to relax.

In October 2012, The Levindale Auxiliary commissioned world re-known artist David Paul Bacharach, to create our unique floral donor wall.   The wall is not only beautiful but also a wonderful way to acknowledge someone special, celebrate a simcha and support the Auxiliary.  The donor wall has been such a wonderful inspiration and beautiful way to honor and acknowledge loved ones.  Because of the outpouring of support for our Auxiliary, we ran out of space for all our plaques and we needed to enlarge it.  In May 2018 at our President’s iinstallation, we were so excited to reveal our new added addition. The new artwork spreads over two walls which will enable more of our supporters to be a part of this meaningful project.  

This project is solely a part of The Levindale Auxiliary. These donations — as with all funds raised by the Auxiliary — go directly to the recreation and therapy departments to provide the “extras” that would not otherwise be available to our residents. The Levindale Auxiliary is a fully independent organization that exists solely on contributions from its members and the generosity of people like you.

Sensory Garden Donor Wall

To keep projects like this blooming, the Levindale Auxillary Donor Wall recognizes supporters, like you, whose gifts provide services and programs that bring joy, dignity and pride to lives of our residents. The Auxiliary continues to support:

  • Eden Alternative and Neighborhood Model projects and supplies
  • Inter-generational events
  • Theater, restaurant, sporting event, concert and museum trips
  • Buses for activities
  • Mezuzahs and large print library and prayer books
  • Guest bar-tending at Happy Hour with residents

Sensory Garden Donor Wall Gift Opportunities

  • Benefactor: A gift of $3,600 or more
  • Founder: A gift of $1,800 - $3,599
  • Patron: A gift of $1,000 - $1,799
  • Sponsor: A gift of $500 - $999
  • Friend: A gift of $360 - $499

Download the Levindale Auxiliary Donor Wall Brochure(PDF)

Download the Donor Plaque Size Chart Form (PDF)

Payment acceptedOur Auxiliary accepts checks, cash and credit cards. All gifts are tax deductible. For more information, please contact the Auxiliary at 410-601-2378 or levindaleauxiliary@lifebridgehealth.org.

Many thanks to Auxiliary member Esky Cook, who provides our wonderful photos.

Esky Cook Photographer